Dining in Treehouse Hideaway

Dining in Treehouse Hideaway

Our kitchens are equipped to satiate the taste of foodie in you. Right from the unheard of ingredient combinations to hand tossed ice creams to fresh bakes, our chefs have a few tricks up their sleeves to make you fall in love with the lodge food. special emphasis is given to keep the local flavours alive and celebrate the regional cuisine heirloom. Our freshly ground masalas accentuate the taste of every dish & help our chefs create magic in the kitchen.

At our lodges we grow our own herbs like wild mint, basil, dill on the property, along with tomatoes, pumpkins, carrots, radish, cauliflower, zucchini, eggplant and micro-greens.

We serve Table d'hôte menu but are more than happy to take requests & craftily design meals by making use of the locally sourced ingredients. Breakfast dishes from fresh papaya and fruit from the garden, roasted and stuffed green heirloom tomatoes, pumpkin soup, in-house curated desserts using the vegetables and fruits grown in the garden, are some of the delectable delights that our guests can get to savour, during their stay with us.

To please the palate of kids, our chefs give a healthy twist to their most preferred choices including pasta, noodles, burgers by innovatively creating a combination of taste & nutrition.

Served on request, our very popular Baiga Thali, cooked over Chulhas by village ladies, is one such effort dedicated to celebrate the cuisine of the local tribe. Baiga Tribe is an indigenous tribe found in the pockets of Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and the largest community of Baiga are found in Mandla and Balaghat District of Madhya Pradesh. Baigas are solely dependent on the forest products, so is their food which primarily consist of coarse grains like Kodo Millet (Paspalum scorbiculatum) and Kutki Millet (Panicum sumatrense).

Mahua tree is an all-purpose natural product for Baigas & they use mahua seed to extract oil which is used for cooking. The sun-dried flowers are used for making tea, sweet dishes and liquor, to leave our guests, yearning for more.

The latest entrant in our amazing lineup of dining experiences is the 'Choka Biyari' dinner.

In the local dialect, 'biyari' is the evening meal & 'choka' translates to local wood-fired chullah, which makes this dish a popular choice among villagers in Baghelkhandi, a region near Bandhavgarh. This meal gives our guests a chance to indulge in the most authentic & quintessential way of slipping into the heart of the region, by eating what the villagers eat.

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