Our Team

  • Ashish Tirkey

    Ashish Tirkey hails from the tribal land of Chhattisgarh, Bastar and is our Operations Manager. To fulfill his childhood love for Indian jungles he quit his corporate job and joined Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal and did his specialization in Forest & Environmental Management. He has keen interest in wildlife and nature photography and was adjudged the Best Photographer of the Year award in IIFM for 2008-09.

    He has previously worked with Jungle Lodges & Resorts Ltd. Karnataka. In his own words he says “" I am sure it happens with you all too when you land up in a forest domain. You start realizing the beauty of nature, chirping of birds, smell of the forest, a solace and an excitement to encounter wild animals. So let's not forget it and preserve it as our own child”

  • Karan Singh

    Karan is a smart, ardent and dynamic naturalist who comes from Rajasthan which is full of colors, cultures and royalty. His passion towards this field started at a very young age when he visited Ranthambore national park with his family where for the first time in his young age he encountered a tiger during his safari. He is fond of tigers and enjoys tracking them in the park. He is also very curious to learn more about them. His passion for big cats, birds and the jungle pulled him into a profession which he made his full time career.

    He started from Kanha national park and for three years he honed his knowledge and skills about natural history and wildlife. He then moved to Bandhavgarh in 2013 and now leads our guests to the park. He is an amazing tiger tracker and a keen observer of the calls and movements of the tigers. He handles professionals and wildlife enthusiasts at great ease.

  • Chaubey Ji

    Chaubey ji, as he is fondly known in Bandhavgarh, has been driving in the park for the past 24 years. He believes that he is haunted by tigers and his life exists among them only. He has seen several generations of Bandhavgarh tigers and can easily draw ancestral lines for most of them. He liberally shares his jungle stories and various enchanting encounters to our guests during their stay. The park guides says “Where there are tiger sightings happening Chaubey ji will always be there”¬†Though with not so perfect English he is probably the best camaraderie in the jungles of Bandhavgarh.

  • Rakesh Sharma

    Rakesh Sharma fondly called Panditji has been an integral part of Tree House since its construction stage. He looks after the multiple odd jobs including junior staff supervision, park permits and purchases. He has been a permanent resident at Tree House since 2007 and still remains unfazed by the wildlife around him.